Embellished Prefolds

Embellished Prefolds in the following sizes:


All are made from diaper cloth, cotton batting, and the print on the outside

ONLY $3.00 a Prefold

Newborn and Small diapers

All Newborn and Small diapers will 3 layers of sewn in terry cloth or micro-terry.
These sizes are ONLY 5.25 a diaper.

Medium and Large Diapers

Medium and Large diapers also have 3 layers of terry cloth or micro-terry sewn in,
Medium Diapers are $7.00 a diaper
Large  Diapers are $8.00 a diaper

One Size Diaper

OS Diaper is $9.00.
This diaper is made to last your baby from about 8 pounds to 30 pounds.
You fold the front down and the tabs back to get the perfect fit every time!